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Moral Philosophy Word Count: 2500 (10 pages) I. Introduction Glover says that in Humanity he intends to use “ethics to interrogate history.”1 How Glover successfully attacks this issue is to take a unique approach at yielding new insights into an ethical review of history—in order to help avoid catastrophes in the future.


The tone of much writing suggests that John Stuart Mill is still alive and that none of the twentieth century has happened. (‘Never such innocence again’ has not been applied to ethics.) [Glover hopes] to help change this by encouraging an idea of ethics as a more empirical subject.”2 Applied ethics basically says that one takes an ethical principle, and applies it to a real-life situation. For example, if a parent says to a young child to clean up his toys, the Bible teaches that young children should honor their parents. In this situation, the applicable ethical point that is made is that the child should obey his parent by doing what his parent asked him to do. In history, one can view applied ethics through the decisions of governments as they were influenced due to the religious mores of their time. For example—on a more general level, which deals with history—the Ottoman Empire, which used to span the globe—effected the territories it owned with its prevailing religion. Constantinople, at the end of his life, professed the Christian faith. However, the name of the city Constantinople was later changed to Istanbul after the geopolitically-defined, mainly Muslim, country of Turkey came into prominence. Applied ethics can be seen all over the world, not to mention a lack of application of ethics in world history. ...
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