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Utilitarianism. Evaluation of the Objection

According to Bentham Jeremy, utilitarianism is the principle of the greatest felicity or happiness. Utilitarianism is normally characterized as a reductionist and quantitative approach to ethics. It is a form of naturalism type, and contrasts with deontological ethics, virtue ethics and pragmatic ethics among others. A course of action that maximizes the common good of the greatest number of individuals is difficult to assume in modern society. This is because, people have become so opportunistic and capitalists that they only mind their own welfare. For example, environmental conservation is something that maximizes the common good of many people. Unfortunately, capitalism and industrialization have played a major role in affecting global warming due to effects of green house gases. Therefore, how can the society ensure utilitarianism so as to ensure that the effects of whatever course of action benefit the wider society instead of ruining them?
Utilitarian theories seek to produce the greatest benefit for the largest number of people.Negative utilitarianism, on the other hand, requires people to promote the least harm or evil, or to try and prevent great suffering for as many people as possible. Proponents of negative utilitarianism like Clark Wolf and Karl Popper argue that this formula is much more effective because the greatest harms or evils are more consequential compared to the greatest goods. ...Show more


Utilitarianism it'is a form of consequentialism, which states that; the moral action’s worth is usually determined by the results of its outcome. According to Bentham Jeremy, utilitarianism is the principle of the greatest felicity or happiness…
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