Nietzche's Philosophical Understanding of Truth

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Friedrich Nietzsche is among, if not the only philosopher whose works have been subjected to numerous critical interpretations and evaluations. Numerous literature have been written about his papers and books, and innumerable interpretations have also arisen from his materials.


However diverse the interpretations of the different scholars may be, they all agree that Nietzsche's philosophy is perspectival. Nietzschean thought claims that there is no singular truth or absolute truth. There is instead a multiplicity of truths. His philosophy states that there is no singular platform or vantage point from which absolute truth could be seen. However, there is also a multiplicity of perspectives, each with their distinct way of presenting the truth. Many scholars have searched for solutions to what appear to be cnradictions arising from Nietzsche's works. This paper however, only aspires to give an interpretation of his thoughts and philosophies.
So that the human individual may survive and preserve his condition, given that he has none of the accouterments of beasts armed with the most deadly of natural weapons with which to defend themselves and dominate weaker specimen, Man has resorted to his intellect using the art of dissimulation. ...
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