On the job Ethics - Sex and Alcohol

On the job Ethics - Sex and Alcohol Essay example
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Running Head: On- Job Ethics On-Job Ethics [Writer’s Name] [Institute’s Name] On-Job Ethics The race towards fame, money, success, and achievement is ever increasing in the 21st century. Today, jobs are not only considered a means of income but are a place to prove one self and discover one’s own potential and self-identity.


Such principles include providing accurate information, using morally correct procedures, and restraining from any inappropriate behavior towards co-workers or any other party, etc. While all professions require the implementation of job ethics, this consideration may be exceptionally essential for the media industry or any institution, which is seeking to provide the public with news regarding an important social issue. The AMA wished to impart important information to the public regarding “risky behavior” on the part of college students during spring break. In order to do this, they conducted a survey in which they measured factors such as alcohol availability and sexual activity. Both of these issues are serious issues prevalent in western societies and do require sufficient “national attention”. However, a question does arise when considering the appropriate and ethical way of grasping public interest and attention. While the AMA may argue that they had the public’s best interests at heart and thought it unnecessary to mention the details of the survey and the procedure; a responsibility does exist on their part of providing accurate and honest information. ...
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