Toni Morrison the Book Sula and the Symbol of Water

 Toni Morrison the Book Sula and the Symbol of Water Essay example
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Sula by Toni Morrison is a novel full of different characterizations and symbols incorporated by the author in an accurate depiction of social as well as cultural misconception. In this respect the symbol of water was taken by Morrison for a reason. In other words, she tried to embody a particular meaning into the use of water overtly encountered throughout reading the text.


Speaking more literally, water is used in the novel to symbolize the border between the sexuality and the experience of death around. First of all, the main character of Sula was taken by Morrison to directly outline the link between the heroine and water. The question is that sula is a sea bird. Thus, water is inseparable for Sula of the novel. Along with the place they lived in (Bottom), the whole story underlines the bottom of heaven where Sula and Nel were placed for living together. The black people living in Medallion tend to justify what everything was all about along with “what that little girl Sula who grew into a woman in their town was all about, and what they themselves were all about, tucked up there in the Bottom” (Morrison 6). It is a mystery for the main character why their philosophy of living is trite by the majority. Conversely, Sula’s own feelings seek to be evident as long as she feels love, passion, and responsibility for her neighbors deep within her heart. To say more, the theme of budding sexuality in keeping with the best traditions of the Modernism in literature is explored through the symbol of water. Sula and Nel are interwoven into a play they once started in their childhood and continue, though Nel is married to Jude. ...
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