Defining Reason and Morality in Kant

Defining Reason and Morality in Kant  Essay example
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Defining Reason and Morality in Kant Introduction The concepts of Kant are based on defining morality and the ethical considerations which one should take before making a decision in any situation. The main attributes of Kant are based on the ideology that humanity should be treated in a specific way when making decisions or reacting to a specific situation.


Investigating the validity of this point then moves into reliance on both the morality which Kant sees as true as well as how other circumstances would change the decisions made by an individual. Kant’s Theory of Rational Morality The main principle which Kant has created is based on the ideology that each individual should be treated with equal respect. The ethical consideration is based on a sense of reason that each individual should have. Kant states that reason is what requires one to act in a humanitarian way, specifically which requires looking at circumstances instead of the end means in a given situation. The ideology is to use morality with the understanding that humanity is the most important aspect of practicing morals, whereas, the individual beliefs and life of an individual is not as important as the whole. More important, Kant’s belief sates that when one is able to create equal respect toward individuals, then there is the ability of building a formula which stops the disrespect and other forms of unethical values which are often created (Hill, 1980: p. 84). ...
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