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Intelligent Design Philosophy

Moreover, the principle of separation of state and the Church has precluded its teaching in schools. Nonetheless, creationism never really disappeared especially for those who remained to abide by the principles of Christian fundamentalism. Today, creationism takes a different shape, a shape that promises to be more scientifically in sync by underscoring empirical evidence rather than the idea of a Divine Being to explain its thesis. The concept of intelligent design emerged in the latter part of the 20th century and was founded by experts in various scientific fields. The arguments underpinning this concept attempt to point out the inability of the Darwinian evolution to explain certain phenomena. The arguments underlying the intelligent design concept are discussed in the preceding paragraphs as well as the counter-arguments of those who opposed them. Background: History of Intelligent Design The intelligent design movement is assailed as being rooted in Christian fundamentalism, a religious movement that originated in the United States and was sparked by the rise of Christian modernism in Europe in the late 19th century. ...
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Intelligent Design Introduction The origin of life, according to Darwin, evolved from a single organism that developed and replicated over time and mutated into various organisms. This evolution is said to be underpinned by the natural selection process, where traits that had no use for survival were dropped and those traits that were useful were developed and refined…
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