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Approve or disapprove each proposal and provide your reasons such as costs, benefits and ethical issues raised in relation to your recommendation to Approve or Disapprove. - Research Paper Example

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Approve or disapprove each proposal and provide your reasons such as costs, benefits and ethical issues raised in relation to your recommendation to Approve or Disapprove.

If anyone has ever heard of the Tuskegee experiment, or the human experiment performed on Guatemalans by infecting them with STD’s, one knows the dangers that can be inherent upon experimenting on people—which may abound. This research will delve into whether the proposed research and cost, the experimental group and benefits, and the control group and ethics are balanced in experimenting with human subjects.
Your committee is the State University IRB. Dr. Jones is interested in the effect of stress on performance on the McCord Intelligence Test. She feels that the test, which is very 
widely used in public schools, gives misleadingly low scores to kids under stress.
The proposed research is about how stress affects student performances on the McCord intelligence test. However, one of the difficulties with such a test is the way in which the experiment was conducted. In order to measure stress—instead of having one group told they had failed and having one group told they had passed—that would not have factored in to stress as much as other ways of testing this. For example, the experimental group could have been given various stressing tasks to do before the test—such as writing a timed essay—while the other group, the control group, would not have to write such an essay before being tested. This would more effectively test the results of stress on students taking tests, some of whom may either underperform on assessments or might have anxiety problems. These people tend not to score well.
wants to divide her subjects (college students) into two groups of 20 each. All subjects 
will take a bogus pretest and will be given their "results." The experimental group will be 
told that they failed the test and that it is surprising that they were able to do well enough 
in high school to get into college.
The benefits of the study do not ...
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Federal law mandates that behavioral and biomedical research be reviewed 
by either an Institutional Review Board (IRB) in the case of research with human subjects…
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