Different Cultures and Different Moral Beliefs

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Name: Instructor’s Name: Course: Date of Submission: Different Cultures and Different Moral Beliefs The human mind has developed and the human beings have progressed from an era of Stone Age to a period of development and learning. Different boundaries have been created across the world and people have been segregated on different basis which include racial, religious and cultural separations.


Thus morality is a relative concept and this has led to the emergence of the term relativism. Relativism can be defined more properly as a view that claims that there are no universally accepted rules and that different beliefs are true in their respective societies and the respective matters in which they occur. Descriptive relativism, normative relativism and culture normative relativism are types of relativisms which assist in the understanding of the different thoughts that human beings have with regard to moral and ethical values. I believe that these forms of relativism provide a clearer picture of the differences that exist in the human beings with regard to morality and this is clearly highlighted by means of the cultural variations that exist in different parts of the world (Baofu 2011; Reeves 2004). Descriptive relativism is a generalized philosophical term which explains the fact that the human race does not believe in a universal point of view. It explains that human beings have different standpoints and positions with regard to matters like religions, customs, traditions and ethical values. ...
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