Hume's Posteriori Argument against Miracles Is not Valid - Essay Example

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Hume's Posteriori Argument against Miracles Is not Valid

The ‘a posteriori argument’ states that even if miracles were a possibility according to evidence, they in fact, have never occurred (Johnson & Anthony, 72). Hume’s ‘a posteriori argument’ has some merit from a general perspective, they are problematic from the perspective of an individual miracle test-case, i.e., the alleged resurrection of Jesus. I will argue that although the first of Hume’s three ‘a posteriori argument’s succeeds in showing that there may be no miracle proofs, it doesn’t show that there is not a sufficient probability for establishing our test case. Anti-Thesis In his first argument from a posteriori considerations, Hume sets out the qualitative requirements of a proof and a successful probability for a miracle along with the quantitative requirements of a miracle proof, and he argues for the (implied) thesis that the quantitative requirements of a proof have not been satisfied (Hume, Enquiry, 116-117). For Hume, the following qualitative conditions are required for a good individual miracle-testimony: the witness must be highly educated, socially outstanding, patently honest, have lots to lose by lying, and be situated in such circumstances that, if lying, exposure would readily result. ...Show more


[Author’s Name] Hume’s Posteriori Argument against Miracles is not Valid Introduction In this essay “On Miracles,” Hume argues against the miraculous (Mossner 64). His argument is divided into two parts, his a priori (before the experience) argument of part I, and his a posteriori (after the experience) argument of part II…
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