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Euthyphro identifies with Socrates because people laugh at him when he predicts the future. On the other hand, Euthyphro is accusing his father of murder. His father, by neglect, had let a servant who had killed another servant die in a ditch while awaiting instruction on what to do with him. Socrates taunts Euthyphro if he has such a precise knowledge of right and wrong and if so, whether what he is doing is not a wrong. The debate shifts to the discussion about what is holly and what is unholy, Socrates wants to learn from Euthyphro. Euthyphro argues that not prosecuting offenders because they are your relatives is unholy. He proves this by reminding Socrates of the god Zeus who is said to be the most just. Zeus, he says, bound his father Cronos because he had devoured his own sons. Socrates is indeed doubtful about the tales about the gods. Socrates asks Euthyphro to provide him with a standard by which to measure things as holy or unholy. Euthyphro says that holy things are dear to gods, and unholy things are not dear to the gods. Socrates remarks that gods also argue until they fight. He also points out that such arguments can only be about right or wrong. ...Show more


Name: Instructor: Task: Date: Euthyphro; Plato’s Dialogue The setting of the dialogue is in the porch of Achorn where Socrates meets Euthyphro. Socrates is awaiting preliminary hearings on his suit. Meletus, a young man, accuse Socrates of corrupting the youth…
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