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Genetic Engineering" Introduction Genes form the basis of life as they carry plethora of information for the formation of proteins to carry out numerous biological functions. Any alteration in the structure of genes could result in the variation of proteins affecting normal physiology of an individual.


). GE is emerging as the most rapidly progressing branch of biology and manipulation of genes is becoming a routine act or play. GE works because conservation of genes is observed throughout the evolution. GE encompasses insertion of a particular genetic sequence isolated from any species into some different animal or plant or bacteria and hence monitoring the expression of the genetic sequence. Advances in technology has generated ease in the manipulation of genetics of the organisms and hence the gene manipulation by means of genetic engineering is paving its way in every aspect of human endeavour. Through genetic engineering, human genes are inserted into sheep, the motive of this insertion is to secrete alpha-1 antitrypsin in the milk, a useful product to treat lung disease. On the other hand with the help of genetic engineering, four legged chickens, without wings were created (Genetic Engineering: What is genetic Engineering?). This implies that genetic engineering has empowered humans to modify the very existence of natural forms of life i.e. animals, plants or humans on earth. GE has allowed the expression of genes from different group of animals namely fish, mouse, human, insect or plants in one organism, violating the laws of nature. Ethically it is unacceptable to alter the natural forms of life. ...
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