Explain and evaluate de Beauvoir's critique of patriarchal man-woman relations

Explain and evaluate de Beauvoir
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Explain and evaluate de Beauvoir’s critique of patriarchal man-woman relations, especially as it is exemplified in her notion of woman as Other [Name] [Course] [Professor’s name] [Date] The relationship between men and women has existed since time immemorial.


There is a proverb which says that “Men make houses, women make homes!” (Metin, 2011). This very proverb points out the fact that relationship between men and woman is quite mutual. If the men acquire houses for their family, then women with their love and care make it a home. Yet one has always seen that relationship between men and woman comprising of love as well as conflicts. The paper here seeks to examine the patriarchal man- woman relationship with reference to an evaluation of de Beauvoir’s critique of this concept and her notion of woman as the other. Disparities between men and women: different views Man and women are the creations of God, and each has been endowed with different features. Their existence is mutual in nature because active participation of both is required to build and sustain the next generation. However one often comes across situations where women are considered to be imperfect and weaker compared to their male counterpart. Generally, in a male dominated society it is believed that women are completely unfit to lead an independent life and hence she has to be under the supervision of men. The topic of dissimilarity between men and women was also seen during the time of Plato and Aristotle. Plato believed that the disparity in men and women were quantitative in nature, that is, women were considered to be physically and mentally weaker than men. ...
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