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Name Instructor Task Date India 1 One of the best ways to understand India is through its cosmic structures. These cosmic structures shape the Indian beliefs on spiritualism and exert a significant influence on their culture. Hinduism is one dominant religion in the Indian culture.


Hinduism practices a diversity of beliefs. The first and major belief of Hinduism is the belief in the sacred reality, which is founded upon Brahman. Brahman is the ultimate authority on sacred reality. He is considered as the manifest basis of the entire unmanifest (Griffin, 1). This means that Brahman is the manifestation of all the Vedic gods and this makes him the creator and the creation itself. He thus considered being eternal, changeless, perfect and absolute (Griffin, 1). The effect of this belief in humanity is the foundation of the belief in a supreme being. Human beings practice religion due to the belief in a supreme being, which is seen as the source of creation and authority on earth. The Supreme Being is depicted as one that must be accorded respect and obedience to its laws and teachings. It is this belief in a Supreme Being that evidences the aspect of humanity that demands respect to be accorded to the Supreme Being. The belief on life, death and reincarnation taught by Brahman is an indication of the perceptions held by human beings on life after death and the origin of life. The second vision of India is founded upon the teachings of Buddha. Unlike Hinduism, Buddhism dies not believe in creation or the existence of a creator god. It instead teaches on the impermanence of all reality and the need to focus on experiencing the present. ...
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