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Aristotle and Cicero Understanding of Friendship

The same would be done in light of their famous sayings and quotations. Discussion One of the biggest differences between Aristotle and Cicero’s understanding of friendship is the fact that Aristotle has gone on to divide friendship into three categories based on the motivations and predispositions behind the friendship. The first type of friendship, according to Aristotle is friendship based on utility. Elderly people and the ones in the Middle Ages having a common ground would engage in such friendships since the circumstances are such that they are able to derive utility out of their friendship. However, utility is not permanent and as soon as utility vanishes, so does the friendship. The second type of friendship is based on pleasure, which takes place amongst people in the early years and the adult life where they are seeking pleasure and entertainment from the people around them. These friendships do not last for long because as soon as the taste of the people changes, they prefer to look for new friends who match their current taste (Price, 1990). However, the third type of friendship based on goodness and virtue where both the friends are virtuous. Their goodness binds each other and hopes the best for his friend. ...Show more


Running Head: Aristotle and Cicero’s understanding of friendship Aristotle and Cicero’s understanding of friendship Aristotle and Cicero’s understanding of friendship Introduction Friendship has been one of the mist fascinating concepts in the human civilization and history…
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