Are good Team Players good Human Beings too?

Are good Team Players good Human Beings too? Essay example
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Are good team players good human beings too? Name University 28 of November, 2011 Are good team players good human beings too? Does participating in team sports improve the participants' character? Not always, but it can. Studies and personal experiences demonstrated conflicting relations between team sports and character.


in Greenwood & Kanters, 2009, p.299). This paper contends that team sports can potentially improve the players' character, but some conditions have to exist, particularly the existence of a “properly structured team sports program” that integrates character development. It is based on the belief that in order for team players to be “good” people, their coaches should also provide specific instructions that train and reward the former for “good” behavior too. This paper argues that a properly structured team sports program can develop good character by honing discipline, confidence, self-esteem, and teamwork attitudes and behaviors. A “properly structured team sports program” is not focused on winning alone, but includes a shift in thinking about sports, where character development takes a central seat. Greenwood and Kanters (2009) defined the shift of team sports toward positive youth development (PYD). Positive youth development uses five development indicators, also known as 5 C's: connection, character, competence, confidence, caring or compassion, where these indicators are based from the studies of Lerner, Fisher, and Weinberg (2000) and Pittman et al., (2001) (as cited in Greenwood & Kanters, 2009, p.299). ...
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