William James : "Habit" (From The Principles of Psychology)

William James : "Habit" (From The Principles of Psychology) Research Paper example
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Human life is a phenomenon which is bound by many things. Thought and actions determine the life of a person and hence the internal or mental aspects which affect the way that we perform these parts play an essential role in life.


Psychology is one of the most essential areas in the sphere of science and human life and is studied in an attempt to understand why people behave in the manner in which they do and to comprehend their subconscious (Benjafield 1-4). A prominent author in the field is William James. He has written a number of texts on the subject including The Principles of Psychology in 1980. Within this book he considers a number of different aspects of psychology that play a large role in humans, including habit. Habit is a form of behavior that is followed routinely and repeated for a longer period of time which ultimately ends up occurring subconsciously in a person. He argues that some habits occur as the result of instinct, innate qualities that we have no control of but are part of our human nature, while others occur because of a choice. However, while humans may choose to do an action, they often do not intend for this to remain as a habit. The chapter considers habit from a physical point of view, examining the principles at a mechanical level that cause habits to become ingrained, and to form in the first place. Often habits can be thought of as a human trait. ...
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