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Unethical Business Behavior (Monastato company)

Unethical Business Behavior (Monastato company)

This can be furthered with the ideologies of libertarians or Aristotle, specifically which helps to develop a deeper understanding of what the moral and ethical problems are within a company. When analyzing Monsanto, an agricultural company, there is an understanding of the deeper problems of ethics as well as why this becomes important to alter with the company.
Background of the Problem: The company Monastato was chosen because it is recognized as the top unethical company in the world. The company is located in Missouri and offers agricultural products to grocery stores. The company is known for providing genetically modified foods and seed to the world as well as agricultural products that are used to change the quality of foods. The company is known for being unethical first because of the approach taken to competition. If there is a farmer that is working ethically or which provides organic food, then Monsanto will try to sue them for offering the wrong products. The company’s strategy isn’t one based on winning or losing the suit, but instead of driving the farmers out of business because of the amount of money that is spent on putting them through court.The company moves beyond this with the foods and weed killer that is used.
The particular company was chosen because of the current controversy which they are under as well as the controversies that are associated with the food and agriculture, both politically and in society. There are several that are now pressuring companies to begin altering the way in which food is provided with the concept of processing food and other components being difficult with those that are looking at the different processes for agriculture. ...
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The implications with ethics often lead to difficulties and problems with corporations. There are a variety of companies that have established corrupt systems or which move beyond ethical boundaries because of the main structure of the organization…
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