Discussion Paper on Utilitarian Theory and Duty Oriented Theory

Discussion Paper on Utilitarian Theory and Duty Oriented Theory Essay example
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The ethical doctrine of utilitarianism hinges on the notion that the greater total good should be the consequence of our actions regardless of the route taken to achieve it. It is one of the strongest consequentialist theories. One of the key contributors to this theory was John Stuart Mill.


This rule is applied directly to a selection of particular actions under particular events (Mill). This implies that there are no fixed principles that can be established before the occurrence of any specific event, and that the particular action that works for the greater benefit of society should be the preferred method. Hence the judgment on what constitutes the ‘greater good’ is of extreme importance when following act utilitarianism. There can be counter arguments to the aforementioned notion because, while the majority’s verdict may satisfy everyone in the short run, it may have negative implications for everyone in the long run. This raises concerns over the guaranteed presence of someone shrewd enough to judge what constitutes the greater good of the society. Rule Utilitarianism:- Rule utilitarianism states that it is our duty to abide by rules designed for the greater total good and produce consequences better than those produced by any other rules. This doctrine is applied to a selection of a set of rules which are then used to determine what to do in particular situations. The primary argument of rule utilitarianism is that there should be pre established rules that define what constitutes the greater good. ...
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