Sex Education in Schools

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Name Course Instructor Date of Submission Sex Education in Schools The issue of sex education is one that usually brings about an immense debate. Different people are divided about who is the most qualified person to give sex education to the young people and to the students.


There are some critics who argue that sex education in schools does not achieve the intended purposes. It is however important to realize the importance of offering sex education in schools which is where the young people spend most of their time, and the many benefits that sex education has. This means that policies should be put in place to ensure that sex education is part of the curriculum in the different schools. The role of parents and caregivers should however not be ignored when it comes to giving sex education to the youth. It is important to have the realization that there are many benefits to having sex education as part of the school curriculum. This is because while most young people assume that they have the required knowledge when it comes to sex matters, most of them are very misinformed. This is because they get their information from unreliable sources such as friends who may also lack the proper information. This makes it necessary for teachers to provide the correct information to avoid negative consequences. Sex education therefore is the process of ensuring that the relevant and correct information and attitudes about sexuality and sexual identity, intimacy and relationships, sex, and sexually transmitted infections is passed on to the relevant parties. ...
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