Biography Mary Wollstonecraft 1759-1797

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Biography of Mary Wollstonecraft Name Institution Professor Course Date Early life Mary Wollstonecraft (1759-1797), a feminist and a writer, was born in May 1759 in Spertafield, London, as the second born of a family of seven children. Originally, the family was well up, but the father wasted the money on unprofitable project, making the family fiscally unstable.


Together with Arden, they attended classes by Arden’s father and studied absorbing books (Taylor, 2003). Work In 1783, she helped her sister Eliza escape from an abusive marriage. Together they established a school at Newington Green where she acted as a schoolteacher and a headmistress. It was at this time that she began her literary work and wrote the book “Thought on Education of Daughters: With reflection on Female Conduct, In the More important Duties of Life”. In 1787, she was appointed the governess of the Kingsborough household. She was dismissed, since she had discrepancies with the Lady of Kingsborough, but the children liked her. This experience inspired her to write the book Original Stories from Real life. After her dismissal she moved to London to focus more on her career as an author. She was unhappy with the limited employment opportunities that were there for poor yet dignified women. In London, she learnt German and French, which helped her in translating texts. She also wrote book reviews in the periodical Analytical Reviews. These experiences opened a wide field of intellectual material to her. It gave her a chance to interact with great philosophers, such as William Godwin, and political radicals, such as Thomas Paine (Taylor, 2003). ...
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