The Soul and the Aristotelian Analysis of Human Beauty - Essay Example

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The Soul and the Aristotelian Analysis of Human Beauty

It is pure by nature and can be corrupted by repetitive negative actions that later on may turn into habits. Basically, the soul is the core of every person that controls the objective mind. It deals with emotions and feelings. Instincts can be attributed to emotions, guts and soul. The spirit or soul carries on the challenges of life when the objective and limited capacity of the objective mind and the body cannot handle anything more. The soul is also the source of one’s strength and the basic foundation of every human being since it cannot deny the needs of every person. It can also bring out the best and maximize the potentials of each human being. It controls the entire being which can be equated as the main essence and purpose in life. The common purpose in the life of human beings is to achieve perfection and in that pursuit, the soul perceives perfection and takes charge of the physical body to take action and turn the concept into reality. The soul serves as the guide in planning the destination in life. It is the inner world where people have dreams, goals and aspirations. Creative people use the inner world and the soul to make and create new things and innovations in the world. The soul plays an important role in defining human beauty. ...
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(Student’s Whole Name) (Instuctor’s Name) (Subject) (Date) The Soul and the Aristotelian Analysis of Human Beauty The soul is intangible and cannot be seen by the naked eyes. It is the fountain of creativity as people tap into their inner consciousness to create ideas that turn into reality in the form of material entities…
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