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Critical commentary about Ludwig Wittgenstein's view of 'hinge propositions

When what is considered known turns out to be false, it is a shattering experience that can change the perception of life and the worldview of those who are then enlightened by new truths. The idea of what is known is absolute is an important premise upon which entire belief systems are built. Wittgenstein, when he wrote about the theory of hinge propositions that ended up on a consolidated volume called On Certainty, he was searching for a way to eliminate scepticism from the general belief systems that exist within philosophy. Although the theory of hinge propositions appears to have a solution for the subject of scepticism, the idea that there can be ‘knowns’ has been historically refuted, changing the world view and the position of human beings through profound changes which prove that absolutes are not always absolutely true and are dependent upon cultural belief systems. There are many problems with the exploration that Wittgenstein has made on the concept of hinge propositions. In his search for an answer for scepticism, he made copious notes on the topic which is what have been put together in order to create the volume of work that is known as On Certainty. ...Show more


Critical commentary about Ludwig Wittgenstein’s view of ‘hinge propositions’ That is to say, the questions that we raise and our doubts depend on the fact that some propositions are exempt from doubt, are as it were like hinges on which those turn Introduction The theory of hinge propositions is based on what people can claim is known…
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