Original Sin in The Maltese Falcon

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Original Sin in “The Maltese Falcon” The Maltese Falcon is a ground breaking movie in terms of cinematographic technique and defining new genres. The movie was nominated for a number of awards and has been used as inspiration for subsequent productions, indicating its worth.


Put simply, the movie depicts a number of people using every dirty trick in the bag in order to achieve their personal aims. It could be argued that this movie presents the concept of original sin in many different ways and this text will analyze these portrayals in detail. The movie’s beginning depicts two private detectives meeting a client, Miss Rudy Wonderly, who is looking for her lost sister who was involved with a man Floyd Thursby. The client asks the detectives to help her secure her sister’s release from Thursby and pays them handsomely. One of the detectives, Sam Spade, agrees to follow Wonderly around as she is about to meet Thursby in order to aid her in getting her sister back. Initially Wonderly’s plea seems normal and driven by genuine concern, but as the movie proceeds it becomes clear that the story was contrived in order to secure other objectives. The very night that Spade is supposed to aid Wonderly, he finds out that his partner Archer has been murdered. When Spade checks at Wonderly’s hotel, he finds that she has already left. Police inform Spade that Thursby was also murdered. When police arrive on the crime scene, they suspect that Spade has murdered Archer and Thursby. ...
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