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Philosophy : Kant

It is believed to be the base of understanding knowledge. Descartes statement indicates that he believes in the notion of consciousness and the self. When one thinks about himself, that is proof enough that there is a consciousness as he is able to think. And with that, he proves to himself that his self is in fact existing as he is able to prove his own consciousness by thinking. His proposition, I think therefore I am, is based on clarity and self-evidence of the statement. It is not based on inference, assumption or abstract thought. His statement in itself proves his point that since he is thinking, he is existing. How can one not exist when he is thinking about himself? Kant is one of the critics of Descartes’ idea of the self and consciousness. Descartes believes that the reason for the existence of one’s consciousness is something else that is external to the mind, like a physical world or a God. Kant does not believe so. He does not accept that there is another object that causes consciousness. He believes that the consciousness is both the subject and the object. This means that the consciousness in itself is the reason or the cause, and the effect or the result of its existence. It does not need anything outside of it for it to exist. Kant’s theory of judgment tries to explain the connection between the unity of consciousness and awareness of an object, the subject and the object association. ...Show more


I think therefore I am. That is a philosophical statement that shows Descartes’ belief in the self and his consciousness. The statement is an English translation of the Latin Cogito ergo sum…
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