Art of Living: A Response to Nehamas

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Art of Living; a response to Nehamas Name - Course Instructor University Date of Submission Art of Living; a response to Nehamas Introduction: Socrates philosophy of “the pursuit of reason and virtue” can be interpreted in many ways. Therefore, its application as an art of living can also have several dimensions that Nehamas tried to explore in his writing.


He was quite absolute in making this statement and evaluated Montaigne, Nietzsche, and Foucault’s way of life based on the same criteria and compared it with that of Socrates. Socrates words and philosophies have been presented to us by the means of written work by his students. Among many contributors in providing his views most renowned is Plato. Therefore in his work, Nehamas dissected Plato’s ways of describing Socrates ideology of life. He emphasized that although the initial part of the dialogues were describing about Socrates founding structures of philosophy and how we are ignorant in not adopting them the later part transforms Socrates views in various different forms whose understanding is equally important. Elenchus was a unique way that was invented by Socrates that induces an argument between groups of conflicting mind and produces a result based on the elimination of those thoughts argued down by the members. Different Art of Living: Nehamas divided his writing of Art of life in three distinct genres and then individually explained them from the Socrates perspective. The first part is composed of the early dialogues of Plato. According to him Socrates proposed a way of life that was universal and can be practiced by most of the people. ...
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