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Existentialism Philosophy

Kierkegaard is known to be the father of existentialism. He is also a highly known philosopher of the 19th century. Kierkegaard developed the idea of living life in a variety of stages. Aesthetical, ethical and the religious were his divisions of life. In his work, he claimed that he went through similar experiences during his lifetime, and he used the stages to establish his own philosophy of life and of human existence. He assessed the first two stages with regard to normal set of believes and behavior. However, the last stage developed based on personal and non-rational opinion “leap of faith” (Cooper 517). The aesthetical stage was characterized by immediacy and failure, to reflect with seriousness upon the nature of a person’s life. The people in this stage were defined to like material things and fulfilling their desires as they occurred. People become slaves to their senses and they tend to want to fulfill desires propelled by their senses. People would tend to fulfill needs they consider appropriate and other people’s opinion did not count. The stage represents two types of lifestyles; reflective and non-reflective immediacy. Alcohol, sex and drugs are some illustrations of satisfying unrefined immediacy. ...
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Name Professor Course Date Existentialism Existentialism is a movement developed in the 20th century. The goal of the movement was to ensure people had freedom of determining the meaning of life instead of believing of the existence of a higher being. According to the group, this meant that there is no God and that human beings are free and accountable to their own lives…
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