Machiavelli: Should the Ruler Always Keep his Word?

Machiavelli: Should the Ruler Always Keep his Word? Essay example
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Machiavelli: should the ruler always keep his word? [Name] [Date] Introduction Too many works have been devoted to exploration of an outstanding phenomenon of Machiavelli, but too many unresolved questions remained…This research paper is focused on Machiavelli’s considerations about the relevance of the ruler in keeping his word.


He did everything in another way; he tried to describe the essence of power from a quite different perspective. He revealed the secrets of rulers and their essence and he managed to open the eyes of several generations on their Princes, who promote their own interests and selfish concerns, but do not think about their people at all. A word of a ruler by Machiavelli It is evident that everyone was enchanted by his words, because he impresses the readers by impudent strategies and tactics of gaining power. For example, in the Chapter 8 from The Prince he claims: “One ought not, of course, to call it virtu to massacre one’s fellow citizens, to betray one’s friends, to break one’s word, to be without mercy and without religion. By such means one can acquire power but not glory” (Prince online). Unfortunately, very many politicians in the modern world are not afraid of following this claim and do not think about glory, but only about power gaining. Machiavelli developed his theory on the basis of his exaggerated feeling of patriotism, impatience to papacy and personal emotional and psychological sufferings. ...
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