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Renaissance Mannerism Mannerism appeared after the death of Sanzio in 1520, in Florence and Rome. Art of the Mannerism art period usually represented disturbing features of the society with unrest and violence. It came to reject the peaceful existence of Early Renaissance.


This word was borrowed from social literature and was dominant attribute of art of that time. Sometimes this maniera represented unique style of artists and on other times it was used as representation of national style. However this word represented ‘style’ in modern conception.. in the preceding period of High renaissance, there was a perfection and harmony in the style of art. However, with the advent of Maniera, formal invention was more notable as compared to the content of the work. The paintings lacked clear images and there was no focal point of concentration. Rapheal’s tapestry cartoon was one of the most famous works of that era. This cartoon also lacked the clarity which represented moving away from static balance to more of a pictorial animation. Other famous works by Rapheal were ‘The vision of Ezikeil’ and ‘the Woman with the Unicorn’. Mannerism represents itself with highly stylized poses but with a certain ambiguity and lack of clarity of perspective. The topic and subject of mannerism is still under a debate. Some researchers see mannerism as an extension of the Renaissance classism. School of mannerism was criticized for breaking the rules of Renaissance period that preceded it. The perfection of the content and the harmony was broken into random pieces of art with less clarity of perspectives. ...
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