Excess Embryos and Research

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Excess Embryos and Research Introduction The use of excess embryos from IVF programs for research is a favorable option for me. Based on the utilitarian principles, the final outcomes of research are meant to secure favorable developments in the treatment of various diseases, thereby compensating for the embryos lost during the research process.


Moreover, based on the absolutist principle, all life has value and that it is always wrong to take such life (West, 2005). These individuals also point out that using excess embryos for human research may lead humanity into a slippery slope, where one small step towards an end would lead to other similar actions where bigger and more undesirable consequences become apparent (West, 2005). Discussion In order to understand this discussion better, it is important to consider and define the parameters of IVF. In vitro fertilization refers to the process of the sperm fertilizing the egg outside the human body or in vitro, which in Latin translates to ‘in glass’ (Swain, 2011). Basically, in IVF, the sperm and egg is collected from the woman’s fallopian tubes or uterus, is combined with the semen under laboratory conditions, and then reinserted into the uterus (Swain, 2011). Ovarian hyperstimulation for the retrieval of multiple eggs and the culture and selection of embryos is also included in the process. Most of the time, multiple eggs are fertilized in order to ensure successful fertilization and consequently, successful pregnancies (Swain, 2011). In different countries, there are legal restrictions on the number of embryos which can be reintroduced into the uterus. ...
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