Philosophy about Personal Worldview

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RUNNING HEADER: Philosophy about Personal Worldview Philosophy about Personal Worldview BY YOU YOUR SCHOOL INFO HERE DATE HERE Philosophy about Personal Worldview “Having made known unto us the mystery of his will, according to his good pleasure which he hath purposed in himself” (University of Washington, n.d.) In order to fully understand my worldview, it is necessary to refer to Sire’s rubric.


God, in the personal sense, is represented in my worldview as the foundational construct that drives humanity and the elements which sustain it. However, I believe that some aspects of the world are strictly autonomous from the divine, acting on the fundamental belief of free will as is described in many holy doctrines meant to act as the world of God. Though I believe that God dictates the level of harm or good that a person can inflict on society, thus maintaining control over community as well as science, the divine is assessing us based on our attitudes and actions to determine the level to which He will provide for us or chastise us for wrongdoing. Many of these concepts are sustained in many different holy texts, thus I feel that this view is justified based on my belief in these doctrines. Unfortunately, I believe that death provides limited regeneration of the spirit that sustains us, ultimately being a form of extinction. There seem to be some fundamental aspects of science, with the notion that matter cannot be created or destroyed, only that it can change shape. ...
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