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Ethics in business - Research Paper Example


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Ethics in business

These theories could be used to analyze whether decisions made in a business set-up are made in an ethical manner. In this case, ethical issues are related to decision making, thus, these theories could be very essential in the analysis process. One of the theories used to analyze the ethical issue in this case study is the Deontology theory. According to Brooks & Dunn (2009), deontology theory of ethics uses the motivation of the decision-maker to determine the ethicality of an action. The decision maker in the case study analyzed in this paper was motivated to make the decision she made by several things. One of the things that motivated the decision maker in this case study was that some of the customers who had made a reservation might have failed to turn up (Karen & Bruce, 2008). This motivation made her to think that her decision could not have a negative ethical effect to the business. However, it turned up otherwise since all the customers who had made reservations turned up resulting to shortage of rooms. This was not the only motivation that made the decision maker to make the decision of giving away a room that was already reserved for another customer. The other motivation was that the conspiratorial tone used by the customer who did not have a reservation. This customer insisted that the front desk agent should not turn her away to the snow. The agent became motivated by the insisting and the persuasive tone of the customer and decided to give her one of the rooms that had

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Business ethics
4. Enhancing and developing skills of moral judgment, reading, persuasive speaking and writing. 5. Formulating practical; frame work for any decision making 6. Enhancing proper knowledge on hoe to encourage and maintain ethical, corporate climates. Business ethics defines the application of an ethical value to all business behavior ethics is not an ethereal abstraction and is a practical aid to business problem solving.
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Business ethics
Moreover, the study will explore the relationship between business ethics and profitability of the business. Introduction Business ethics can be defined as the morality that results from a person’s own moral standards in the context of the environment in which the business operates.
4 pages (1000 words) Research Paper
Ethics in Business
The present paper will throw light on ethical theories creating an impact and determines business decisions. The ethical theory will be helpful in specifying fundamentals of ethics in business environment. Moreover, emerging ethical issues related to technology, environment and international business will also emphasised in the present paper. This study will be helpful in ascertaining signifying concluding remarks about the ethical practices in business life and trends taking place in the business world.
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Ethics in Business: the Blind Leading the Blind, or Simply a Case of Divided Loyalties
Yet through all this business leaders actually function in a fairly strictly controlled ethical space: they have goals that they are encouraged, even forced to meet, but not at any cost. Business leaders must conform to a variety of pressures in terms of ethics.
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Ethics and Business
“Being ethical is not the same as doing whatever society accepts" (What is ethics, 2010). In other words, the right of one society may not be the right of another society. For example, Muslims can have more than one wife whereas Christians and other religions advocate only one wife for a person.
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Business Ethics
In the contemporary business society, globalization has taken center stage with firms expanding their business operations to various parts of the world. In effect, a firm that effectively manages its operations in a manner that is effective and efficient manages to maintain a competitive edge over its competitors, which ensures that the firm achieves success in its operations.
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Business ethics
Explaining the normative, “Humanistic education...has to do with action. For by virtue of its subject matter, which is human
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Christian Ethics in Business
This behavior supports to describe and illustrate rights and obligations of individuals to some specific sort of work. “Ethics is”, according to Thomson Gale,
10 pages (2500 words) Research Paper
Business Ethics
If the auditors, by any chance, get to know about Woods’s activity, there is little to no likelihood that Alex would be held responsible for that as the authorities would consider the fact that he is new. The best course of action for Alex is to remain
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Business Ethics
ally minded business leader are not in and of themselves sufficient to ensure that high ethical standards are maintained within the organization that they are responsible for overseeing. Realizing this, David Pinder has established organizational structures that are capable of
6 pages (1500 words) Research Paper
already been reserved. However, the other customer whose room was given out appeared later only to find out that her room had already been given away without her knowledge. The customer who had made a reservation did not turn up in time for the room. This is what might have motivated the front desk agent to make a decision to give away her room. However, the reason why she had decided to make a reservation might be she knew that she might turn up late for the room. Therefore, this could not justify the decision that was made by the agent to give away her room. Another motivation was that the customer who had no reservation was willing to pay a bribe for the room. According to Karen & Bruce (2008), the customer without reservation provided an additional $ 50 bill for her to be given a room that had already been reserved. This was corruption and thus a very high level of unethical practice in business. Another theory that could be used to analyze ethical issues in this case study is the teleology theory. Teleology theory evaluates the ethicality of a behavior or action using its results or consequences to an individual or the business (Brooks & Dunn, 2008). One of the consequences of the decision made by the front desk agent to give away the room that was already reserved for another customer is that it destroyed the image of the business to the customer. The customer whose room was given away must have felt that the business is unreliable. Moreover, the customer who was given the room belonging to another customer must have felt that the business is corrupt and thus could not be trusted. As a result, both customers would not be willing to make room reservation on this business because the business might fail to honor it. Therefore, this action was very unethical according to this theory of ethics. The decision made by the front desk agent resulted to unexpected inconveniences on the customer whose reservation


Ethics in Business Businesses have found themselves violating ethical issues in their industries in several occasions. In some cases, they do so without the knowledge that they are violating ethics of the industry. However, in other cases, businesses violate ethics knowingly because of the interests and gains they aim to achieve…
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Ethics in business essay example
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