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Ethics in business

These theories could be used to analyze whether decisions made in a business set-up are made in an ethical manner. In this case, ethical issues are related to decision making, thus, these theories could be very essential in the analysis process. One of the theories used to analyze the ethical issue in this case study is the Deontology theory. According to Brooks & Dunn (2009), deontology theory of ethics uses the motivation of the decision-maker to determine the ethicality of an action. The decision maker in the case study analyzed in this paper was motivated to make the decision she made by several things. One of the things that motivated the decision maker in this case study was that some of the customers who had made a reservation might have failed to turn up (Karen & Bruce, 2008). This motivation made her to think that her decision could not have a negative ethical effect to the business. However, it turned up otherwise since all the customers who had made reservations turned up resulting to shortage of rooms. This was not the only motivation that made the decision maker to make the decision of giving away a room that was already reserved for another customer. The other motivation was that the conspiratorial tone used by the customer who did not have a reservation. ...
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Ethics in Business Businesses have found themselves violating ethical issues in their industries in several occasions. In some cases, they do so without the knowledge that they are violating ethics of the industry. However, in other cases, businesses violate ethics knowingly because of the interests and gains they aim to achieve…
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