The Ethical Views of Socrates found in the Euthyphro and in The Crito - Personal Statement Example

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The Ethical Views of Socrates found in the Euthyphro and in The Crito

This is a section of philosophy involving systematic defending, and concepts of recommending of the wrong and right behaviour. A reasonable, ethical foundation needs a standard value in which all actions and goals could be compared. In this regard, these standards include an individual’s own life and happiness that makes them able to live (Melchert 5). This is an individual’s ultimate value of standard, the key goal for which an ethical man should always aim. These goals are arrived at through the examination of the nature of man and identifying man's needs that are always peculiar. In most cases, the ethical system consists of emergency situations and daily choices. In this regard, it includes an individual’s relation to other individuals and recognizes their necessity especially into ones physical survival, happiness and wellbeing (Melchert 6). It also identifies that life is an end in itself and that in many situations sacrifice may be destructive despite being necessary. According to the theory of wrong and right, evil and good, it is certain that human beings are more than just believers. Human beings are always known to be doers. The main question comes up concerning the extent of wisdom that may explain how people can live their lives best. ...
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Name Institution Date In many situations, the human beings have always wondered concerning an individual's existence and his position in the scheme of things. They have always asked in amazement and curiosity whatever it is all about. How life should be understood, how they are going to live their lives, whether life ends at death…
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