Humanities-Medieval Women

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Name: Instructor’s Name: Course: Date of Submission: Women in the Middle Ages The key figures of the period recognized as the Middle Ages were the aristocratic men who headed a lot of money and who gained recognition for their achievements. The society was shaped in such a way so that the poor were becoming poorer and the rich were getting richer, and the poor had little chances to advance in their social status.


Women during the era of middle ages were undermined and not accepted to participate in both social and economic activities. Women had certain amount of value in the society, but the bad part was that this value was placed in shape of economic good. They were recognized for two purposes: firstly, they were recognized for bringing up children; secondly, they were used for manual work. Women were paid low amount of wages, and this became the foundation of the standing of the economy of the medieval era. In various situations they used to assist other men in the work of agricultural production. The situation was so bad for the women that they were compensated even less than what children use to be paid for their work. Education was supposed to be crime or non religious activities for women, and the church was against women education not allowing them to participate in tasks that required good amount of education. The only allowed task other than working in the fields of agriculture was taking the role of midwife (Chilton 167). Women were the leading portion of the workforce of the textile industry; they heavily participated in the areas of woolen and silk. ...
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