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Who are we? Do we have soul or are we merely a bundle of mental events, or perhaps some other combination? Introduction There are various claims to how human souls existed. Human souls are unimaginable and uncatchable because these are not visible. Many are asking on what really makes up a human’s soul.


The present paper will uncover the claims of science wherein it does not acknowledge the existence of souls. Moreover, the current study will also take the adage of the religious side wherein they hardly believe with their fundamental faith to a supernatural human being as the master of souls. Thence, every single question to what composes the soul with its possible or impossible existence will be recovered in this paper as the questions will then serve as a justification with regard to how the unanswered questions reveal the perspective of this paper. Scientific Claims “God did not create life, science created life” (Sanders 237). Such line adheres to the importance of science. It opposes the religious rites and faith of the Christian society. However, the science claims that the evolution itself speaks of how a person could be influenced to what the people in the society dictate which could made them think of a wishful unstoppable life with the concept of soul (Grange 16). The scientific studies claim the connection of one’s mental usage of mind in which people use this for the purpose of thinking outside the boundaries of what one loves to think about (Goetz and Taliaferro 152). ...
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