harvard justice course MICHAEL SINDEL! FREEDOM AND KANT

harvard justice course MICHAEL SINDEL! FREEDOM AND KANT Essay example
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Name Instructor Course Date Justice Freedom is oneself. For instance, the moral side of committing murder is a test of freedom. In the philosophy of utilitarianism, includes the principles of utility. Therefore, harming an innocent and utilitarianism are two vital aspects of freedom that are quite controversial in choosing what is right and what is wrong.


Therefore, this poses another critical question: what would you do if harming or killing the other party will elude the highest happiness? For instance, a person driving along a tunnel and realizes a farmer fall on the road just in front of his vehicle. If you move ahead, you will probably kill the farmer but if you divert, you will probably collide with a forthcoming school bus and the least number of deaths that you can cause is five. The big question is what do you and are we convinced that utilitarianism gives the right answer. It is alleged that when telling the truth, we have to strive and reduce pain and unhappiness in whatever we do as unhappiness and pains have numerous sources. Furthermore, there are instances when truth makes somebody unhappy. Thereby, if one has to lie to make the other party happy. He therefore comes up with three cases in this argument. First, is it right to tell a friend who is fond of singing while taking a shower. He posits that your friend all along has thought his voice is the best but he sings poorly. Thus, should you tell your friend the truth and ruin his confidence? Secondly, he asserts that you have just learned that a man who has been missing for a very long time is dead. ...
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