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Dr. R. should encourage Martha J to reconsider the possibility of abortion. First, it is a fact that Martha was born with PKU (phenylketonuria). This enzyme deficiency prevents the metabolization of phenylalanine.


This enzyme deficiency prevents the metabolization of phenylalanine. According to medical and health ethical considerations, every child born with PKU should be placed on a special low phenylalanine diet for a period not less than five years of their life. This is thought to have happened to Martha. It was ethical to consider this when Martha was young and developing. The ideal situation Martha was placed in was to ensure that life is protected at all costs. As such, it is important for Martha to consider abortion for the sake of her life since failure to abort is likely to put the lives of both the child and her in jeopardy. The diet is a necessity in order to reduce or prevent occurrence of sever retardation. Nonetheless, the diet is actually burdensome. This is when considered that Martha is in some state of difficulty with her relationship and marriage with the father of the child. Martha has done no problem of being engaged with this situation. However, she should take caution of Dr. R‘s emphasis and advice since she is about to care for more than one life. Martha is not exposed to limited foods. She is supposed to consider and stick to the use of the medical food, which is of bad taste and yet protects her from ill health. Considering pregnancy in such a case is another tedious thing since it has been proved that she is in a more difficult situation now that she is pregnant. ...
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