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How does learning effect your life now. details below

This accountability may not enhance the adequate decision making skills which a person requires to live perfect life, but what this accountability does, is to offer us with solutions or alternatives, which make life easy and peaceful with a high element of acceptance and broader vision to see different aspects to life. The issues can be petty, but they bring about a whole enormous chain of changes ahead. What I truly believe and have learned throughout the course is that it is important to keep a check on oneself and the gratifications around. Humans are extremely unpredictable species, they want pleasure and fun, but it bores them eventually; so life offers different phases and challenges, in which miseries enable one to learn to be grateful of what one already has. Of course, perfection is something that doesn’t exist, but somewhere on the way, it is a fair possibility that a person masters the art of excellence, Vince Lombardi believed. When I first started my self-examination I was convinced, prior to the reflection, that I am a person who knows everything about himself. However, it turned out to be that I’m completely flawed, or was, at that point in time. Of course, I haven’t really understood myself completely and I’m still in the process of doing so, but I do appreciate whatever I have learned throughout the entire experience. ...
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How does learning affect your life now? [Professor Name] [Course Number] [Professor Name] [28/11/2012] Philosophy is about reflections and how we examine life and eventually identify, thus, it probes views; and unravels provoking thoughts out of those examinations…
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