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Customer Inserts His/her Name Customer Inserts Tutor’s Name Customer Inserts Grade Course (03, 12, 2012) Ethics of Abortion Introduction Abortion is highly debated issue in today’s world. It is one of those moral problems that are still not resolved. Both, people who support abortion and those who oppose it are quite rigid in their support and opposition.


Usually the debate on the issue of abortion is based on the definition of human life, as both sides disagree as to what human life is. In this paper, an attempt will be made to resolve the moral question regarding the issue of abortion using utilitarianism. The issue of abortion will be evaluated using the utilitarian ethics and solutions will be proposed. The issue of abortion will also be discussed and arguments of both sides will also be evaluated. A brief description of utilitarianism will also be included in the paper. The Issue of Abortion Abortion involves human induced ending or terminating pregnancy. In the process of abortion, the embryo is removed before achieving human life form. Abortion is considered a moral issue all over the world. Some regard as taking away an innocent life. Mostly the criticism regarding abortion comes from religious circles. The argument made those who oppose abortion is that it is a process which disallows a life from coming into this world and therefore it is equal to murder. Moral question regarding abortion is also raised because basic freedom of the living being is violated. People compare it with murder, and therefore abortion remains a controversial issue all over the world. Pro abortionists argue that abortion is not equivalent to murder because it does not involve taking a human life. ...
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