Analyze the following passage in terms of the Nietzsche's account of aesthetics in the birth of the tragedy

Analyze the following passage in terms of the Nietzsche
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Name Date Professor’s Name Course Section/# Analysis 2. Analyse the following passage in terms of the Nietzsche’s account of aesthetics in The Birth of Tragedy:   Nietzsche’s “The Birth of Tragedy” takes a somewhat different approach to the exemplification of the then “modern” art that was beginning to come to prominence in the world in which he lived.


Although from Nietzsche’s perspective, the account that he provided no doubt provided the writer a much needed salve to understand, categorize, and critique the representations of art that were integrating themselves within his time, the fact of the matter is that the approach he provided was what many might deem a bit stodgy. As has been learned, all art cannot and should not ascribe to the same measurements of form, simplicity, beauty etc. Rather, as has been noted, it is the expression of meaning, emotion, and a litany of other feelings and derivative actions that have come to make up the definition of art as it exists today. In this way, merely attacking the form due to the fact that it does not coincide with what has previously been done is closed minded in the extreme. Secondly, with respect to his claim that this particular artwork was a sign of “decline, decadence, waywardness, of wearied, enfeebled instincts” would aptly apply to the growth and/or development of any art form as it seeks to expand upon the rigid boundaries and constraints that the prior art forms have set for it. ...
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