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LOVE IN INDIAN CULTURE Student’s name: Professor’s name: Module title: Module ID: Submission date: The Paper: Love is a social phenomenon that exists in each and every culture of the world without discrimination of race, ethnicity, region, religion and socioeconomic status.


The same is especially applied to humans, where love enjoys central place in their life and activities in general. There are multiple types of love observed by the humans, which include spiritual love, natural affection, physical attraction and carnal desires and others. Spiritual love is generally viewed to be one’s sheer feelings of reverence for the deity, faith, scriptures and the holy personalities in which one has established profound and unflinching belief. The individuals maintain love for their faith, and even sacrifice their lives for the cause of faith. Moreover, the parents’ deep feelings for their children could also be stated to be the example of the purest and selfless love. While elucidating the love between the young members of society, it becomes evident that the adolescents start developing the love emotions along with their physical and mental growth (Lv & Zhang, 2012:357). The love generally appears while the development of unseen attraction towards the members of the opposite gender. It is the time when the individuals witness tremendous excitement with the imagination of feeling the person of opposite gender close to his/her heart, though sometimes far from the eyes; almost the same is the situation with the south Asian cultures. ...
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