ethical dilemma, analysing the dilemma using different ethical theories (utilitarianizm, liberty, virtue)

ethical dilemma, analysing the dilemma using different ethical theories (utilitarianizm, liberty, virtue) Essay example
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Utilitarian, Virtue and Libertarian Approaches to Conjoined Twins Case Name Institution Date The present essay will explore the meaning and different concepts of ethical practice. Focusing on a case scenario, different theories of ethics will be outlined. The first section will expose the chosen ethical dilemma and describe the moral complexity of decision making.


According to Catherine Berglund (2007) ethics is “a process of reflection”. Reflecting on what is right and what seems to be wrong. Arguments are looked at and analysed in order to come to a conclusion. It is due to medical ethics, that the right to consent and confidentiality have been identified (Holland, 2007). Ethical decisions are made every day, by every person. Is it right to park on disabled parking space when you rushing your child to the hospital? Or, is it fair to lie to your partner even if you know that it would make him happy? This is just the tip of the moral dilemmas’ iceberg. In December 2011 the conjoined twins Jesus and Emmanuel were born in Brazil; each one have their own head, brain, nervous system, and spine. They share heart, lungs, liver and all lower body organs. Few days before their birth Chilean conjoined twins Maria Paz and Maria Jose were separated followed by the death one of the girl a week later. The question is, should the conjoined twins be separated? Utilitarianism refers to the ethical theory, which postulates that taking an appropriate course of action increases the chances of perfection (Manuel, Claire, Shanks & Meyer, 2011). Its moral worthiness is based on the consequences of actions (Rawls, 2011). Proponents of this theory are J.S. ...
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