Assess the role of law, and determine its importance,compare key arguements in the writting of thomass hobbes and john locke..

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Name: Course: Date: The role of law Abstract Different scholars have put across different philosophies that describe and elaborate on the importance and the role of law. While there is an agreement regarding certain aspect of the role of law for by the scholars, other aspects differs, depending on the scholars’ perception of the society and its relationship to the state of nature.


It is the contrasts observable in the philosophical arguments that form the basis of this analytical essay on the importance and role of law, with a view to reaching a credible conclusion. Introduction The concept of the role of law has been presented differently by different scholars. While there is a general agreement on the role and importance of law in the society, the philosophy behind this concept differs according to different scholars. There is a general agreement that the fundamental role of law is to maintain order in the society, through the protection of the basic rights of individuals (Collins, 2005 p42). In a society where people are living together, it is inevitable to develop rules of conduct that guide the relationship and interactions between the people. While such rules of conducts may be developed and applied differently by different societies, the objective is simply the same; to protect the fundamental rights of individuals within the society (Grant, 1987 p12). Therefore, this essay will argue on the role and importance of law, as advocated for by two different scholars, namely Thomas Hobbes and John Locke. Discussion The prime essence of law in the society is to regulate social behavior (Brown, 1965 p7). ...
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