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Diversity Education

This paper approves that the research shows that diversity education emphasizing cultural relativity, integration, mutuality and social justice actually increases respect for difference, as well as commonality. This is a counter influence against marginalization. It follows, then, that a diversity-educated person will pose a substantially reduced threat.
According to the paper it is a fact that society is now global. It is not possible to participate fully without diversity fluency. With widespread immigration, globalization, refugee distribution, the Internet, and global issues dominating the news, it is imperative that everyone at least knows how to fit in effectively and has the skills to be productive. With war and terrorism being ubiquitous and globally threatening, skills for fostering mutual cooperation are essential to survival. This need not impinge on religious and lifestyle choices, if mutual respect is the bottom line for everyone.
This essay says that democracy can be interpreted as being best done within a pre-approved religious framework. An examination of differences can be threatening and used to justify exclusion, while a search for commonalities may be seen as requiring sacrificial dilution of treasured differences, religious truths and values.
There are always multiple sides to an issue, however, and this one is no exception. Justification for the stance claimed as most excellent, in this paper, rests on certain assumptions. One of those assumptions is that the best choice is one supported by research. ...
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This paper will briefly examine the controversial topic of diversity education. The stance taken will be one in favor of cultural relativity, integration, and social justice approach to diversity education. Arguments against this approach to diversity education will also be fairly but critically considered. …
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