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Assignment One – Short Answer Exercise I.D. Course Number: Term and Year Assignment One – Short Answer Exercise 1. What problems does Solomon identify in attempts to 'separate different "kinds" of love'?…

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Now the kind of love that explains the relationship between man and woman, those are a couple of sexual partners, can be defined as a category in itself. However, referring to Aristotle’s works, Solomon might have tried to define love in a broader context. Consequently, he selected to reflect on human behavior (and particularly his/her statements) during sex. And Solomon does not hesitate to consider love from both homosexual and heterosexual perspectives. This turns a possible classification scheme rather blur because homosexual relationships cannot lead to child birth and be adjusted within the traditional concept of family. So, Solomon’s theory gives rise to a possible categorization scheme, where love is to be redefined as per the different situations that come up in the course of making love. And this love-making can be just hugging and kissing. It can also be a more intensive activity like sexual intercourse. Or it can be just like sharing words of affection or staring at each other in fascination. In sum, categorizing love on the basis socio-sexual behavior becomes so much multidimensional so that no categorization remains achievable at all. And a single category of romantic love appears to be most difficult to shape. Finally, Solomon expresses his lack of confidence on today’s definition of romantic love. ...
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