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Guerrilla warfare - Essay Example

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The following paper presents an argument and demarcates the line between the Just warfare and guerilla war. in order to present the debate the paper will first explain the Just Warfare theory so that it becomes convenient to contradict the guerilla warfare. Before the paper progresses in to the details of ethics and sheds light upon the guerilla warfare analysis, it is important to understand the Just warfare theory and its ethics. The just warfare theory is a Christian philosophy that emphasizes upon the three factors: 1. Killing humans is inhumane. 2. States shoulder the duty to protect their citizens and defend justice. 3. Protection of an innocent life, defending the moral values often requires violence and force. However, it is imperative to mention that the Just war theory lays down conditions in order to judge the reasons before a war is waged. The Just war theory was deduced by Christian theologians but is open those who believe in other religions or does not believe in any at all. However, the theory states clearly ethics and guidelines that may allow a war to take place. Nevertheless, it is important to highlight here that the theory does not in any way justify war neither is it for individuals. Despite the fact, it is not for the individuals to use the theory to decide if the war should be necessitated, however the individuals can use to weigh the pros and cons of war and if they should take part in it or not. Moreover, theory was formulated not to provide a justification for the war rather it was deduced to prevent war and give states the reason to resolve conflicts in an amicable manner instead picking weapons. The doctrine of just war very easily deceives a person in drawing connotations that war is justified and hence a good thing. Nevertheless, doctrine strictly speaks against waging wars and highlights that under certain circumstances it can be waged. However, it is the entire theory that implies that war is a lesser evil but it remains evil even if it is waged under duress for the purpose of protection (BBC). The historic literature available suggests that after World War II most of the states have remained in conflict with each other, whereas some had avoided the idea of war altogether some still engage in warfare. State versus state wars still occur, one of the prime example of the war is Anglo-American invasion of the Iraq; wars of such kind have become rare in today’s world. Most of the wars have become internal conflicts. Most of the states today have to face stateless enemies, which are later labeled as faceless attackers. These kinds of wars are referred to as Guerilla wars. These well-trained attackers attack the conventional army leaving abruptly after the attack. Usually, the conventional armies are not prepared for such attacks. Nevertheless, most of the countries that indulge in such wars are those who do not afford to fight openly or lack the tactics to fight the enemy (Robinson). Although, waging war has ethics and requires approval from the UN many countries fight covetously by deploying their men in different states that spread terrorism by killing innocent people. One such war was waged against the approval of the UN in 2003, which is commonly known as the invasion of Iraq. Although, the ...Show more
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(Guerrilla Warfare Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words)
“Guerrilla Warfare Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words”, n.d.
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Guerilla Warfare Warfare has existed since time immemorial. Destroying generations over the political issues became an art over the period. Many philosophers and writers have tried to explain the benefits of countries warring against each other either openly or through guerilla war but repeatedly they have failed to do so…
Guerrilla warfare
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