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Running head: Is Abortion Ethical? Is Abortion Ethical? Writer’s name Institute’s name Is Abortion Ethical? Introduction An abortion is the end of pregnancy and expulsion of the fetus when it is not yet feasible. One can hardly deny the trauma of abortion and the risks for mother bears, but you cannot deny that there are many women who prefer to abortion if the pregnancy continued.


The controversial issue of abortion today is no longer a precept. Abortion is not something that has begun to perform today, although it has increased over time and the worldwide legalization. There are many methods of abortion that vary by week of gestation. However, all lead to the same end result in death of the unborn. One method is not necessarily better than another; it may simply be less risky for women. However, the problem of abortion is engaged in a great ideological and religious controversy that is based on recognition and values ??not applicable to the social reality of women's lives today. Thus, ethical, moral, philosophical and religious serve to reflect and evaluate these values, adapted to the current context, as well as serve as a guide to legislative action to moral problems. What is abortion? Abortion is a medical process which takes place to terminate a pregnancy so that the baby is not born. It is sometimes known as a ‘termination’ or a termination pregnancy. A pregnancy can be ended by taking medications or having surgical procedure. ...
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