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Solve A Problem Paper Problem Climate change is a formidable issue that mankind is facing currently. I have taken this as a problem to ponder over and think about the solutions that how best it can be resolved in the given circumstances. Climate Change – A Reality Scientists say that climate change is taking place because our planet is getting warmer and warmer.


There is a lot of hue and cry on global warming because warming brings climate changes in the form of drought or torrential rains in some part of Earth, melts glaciers, lengthens seasons, develops cyclones and large scale disruption in variety of ways. Global warming is entirely a human creation and it needs to be resolved accordingly. If Earth keeps getting warmer, it is quite likely that about 25 percent of our plants and species on Earth could go extinct by end of this century. Our ecosystem is in danger because each plant or species acts as a predator, a source of food, a source of shelter or a pollinator and loosing even one of them affects whole chain in ecosystem. Causes of Global Warming While going into the root cause or causes of global warming, the pertinent question arises how and why does global warming take place? Scientists state that it occurs because humans have begun burning fossil fuels in large quantities in last one hundred year or so and the burning goes on in industries, power stations, and vehicles uninterruptedly. Burning generates carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide gases that go to atmosphere. Oceans do absorb greenhouse gases and maintain a delicate balance; however, load of emissions are now so high that nature cannot clear them on its own. ...
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