Biomedical Ethics! Should healthcare be public or private

Biomedical Ethics! Should healthcare be public or private Essay example
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Student’s name: Instructor’s name: Course name: Date when due: Rights to healthcare in the Canadian health act According to the international body on human rights, all people have the right to health care. Many countries recognize this right and implement it in their charter of rights.


Grounded in the concepts of fairness, equity, and solidarity, Canada’s system ensures that people can access health care in the public sectors. Nonetheless, a debate on whether Canada and abroad ensures the right to health is rampant. Whereas some stipulate that Canada fails to offer the human rights to healthcare, others point out that the Canada’s system of health care is sufficient despite the failure to put the phrase of human rights in their documents. As such, exploration on whether the rights to healthcare are explored in Canada’s system of healthcare is paramount. This essay clarifies that the Canadian health care system ensures that all people have the right to healthcare despite the fact that the phrase human right lacks in documentation. Typically, the healthcare system in Canada is publicly funded hence; access to health services is free for all members within the country. As directed by the implementation of Canada health act, the government assures all its citizens access quality health care. The fact that healthcare is public means that accessing healthcare is cost effective thus; catering for the needs of all people notwithstanding their economic status. Every doctor in every province should claim the insurance from provincial insurers. ...
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