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Human nature vs. Human condition

But it needs to be noted here that everything that relates to us is inbuilt. Some features that build up our personality are depending on our past rather than having a scientific background. Things that build up the human condition are marriages, deaths, terrorism, physical activities like sports etc. which are not applicable to any scientific reasoning need to be studied in a more humanly manner. "Thinking about humans and the rest of nature has focused on shared biological properties and environmental attitudes." (Levin, 9) The reason why people confuse these very different branches of anthropology is that these branches despite being quite different share certain features which are quite similar when it comes to human development and growth. It needs to be discriminated here the difference between those features that symbolize the human way of living as we take it to be and the reasonable claim that it has taken origin from the human times it is easy to discriminate. For instance, cooking is part of one's everyday activity and despite how essential it is to us humans we can still not consider to be part of our nature although it has a past but still the utensils, material etc. required to produce food is not innate but a creation. ...
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Human nature takes its origin from something relatable like reasoning, emotions, appetite etc. which can be analyzed in a scientific manner so as to evaluate how they existed and the mechanism they work on which is merely concerned with evolutionary biological studies, genetical studies or by neuroscience. …
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